Business Applications

We are integrator of Odoo, the leading Open Source ERP solution for small and medium companies in Europe.

We have a strong business knowledge of common processes, as well as a deep knowledge of the ERP, and we will accompany you in the implementation of the solution.

Our market is service companies and logistics companies, distributors and retailers.


Coaching. Training. Accompany your project with functional guidance or technical expertise.

Recognized senior consultants, we help many companies in the integration of business applications and ERP solutions. We grew up along with the leading Open Source ERP and acquired a large experience in many business area. Making customizations or new features in any ERP is not as easy: an ERP is complex. However, the Open Source ERP solution we have chosen is very flexible and allows rapid development of new behaviors or new features. For years, we acquired a very good overall knowledge of the solution and its standard applications as well as the many community modules allows to take to best approach to tackle a missing requirement that could lead to a new development of features.


Hosting of Odoo, hosting of your website or hosting of your e-commerce. IT infrastructure deployment. Safe infrastructure with resilience to overcome unexpected disasters.

Remote backups. Monitoring. Reliable & redundant internet connection.

We can provide you the required infrastructure to support our business services.

Plan your projects. Define the budgets. Track the costs. Plan your invoicing and control your milestones. Plan your needs. Purchase goods. Replenish your warehouse. Plan your deliveries. Organise the work. Release operations. Make your delivery rounds and ship goods. Manage and control properly your company and their activities.
Be Mobile. We provide intuitive and modern operational solution for managing your warehouse fully integrated with Odoo. - Transfer your goods. - Control your inventory. - Prepare customer orders with single or multi-orders picking. - Manage your lots. - Declare loss. - Manage return of goods. - ...
From process definition to solution implementation. Logistics process, sales process, procurement process, ... We modelize operational processes in order to define your as-is and specify the to-be solution. We provide consultancy services in the improvement of your processes and we build business solutions making them real.
Optimize your warehousing. We provide consultancy services in the structural organisation of your warehouse to optimize the preparation routes and the flow of goods. You plan to expand your warehouse? You need help to reorganize the space and internal flows? Get in touch with us.
IT Architecture & Electronic Data Interchange. We provide expertise to properly design your IT architecture and business application landscape. We define and specify the communication protocols and data formats for your internal application interactions. We can accompany you in the process of establishing the right communication processes with your other partners, suppliers and/or customers. We also help you move towards EDI standards to perennially communicate with the EU standards and eventually interconnect with the new EU e-business PEPPOL hub.