Business Applications

We integrate the leading Open Source ERP solution for small and medium companies in Europe.

We have a large business and technical knowledge of that ERP solution in many functional area. After many years of consultancy services for the product editor, we now do integrations of its product on our own for SMB and ITE.

We are part of the QANSEE collaborative group partnering senior ERP consultants. We maintain our own distribution “your ERP by QANSEE” providing enhanced business applications.


Coaching. Training. Accompany your project with functional guidance or technical expertise.

Recognized senior consultants, we help many companies in the integration of business applications and ERP solutions. We grew up along with the leading Open Source ERP and acquired a large experience in many business area. Making customizations or new features in any ERP is not as easy: an ERP is complex. However, the Open Source ERP solution we have chosen is very flexible and allows rapid development of new behaviors or new features. For years, we acquired a very good overall knowledge of the solution and its standard applications as well as the many community modules allows to take to best approach to tackle a missing requirement that could lead to a new development of features.


Hosting of Odoo, hosting of your website or hosting of your e-commerce. IT infrastructure deployment. Safe infrastructure with resilience to overcome unexpected disasters.

Remote backups. Monitoring. Reliable & redundant internet connection.

We can provide you the required infrastructure to support our business services.

Point Of Sale

Get a very friendly Open Source point of sale. It runs in a web browser, on tablets or touch screens.

We provide the complete integrated shop solution for managing your POS as well as the your stock, the procurement of goods, the billing, the marketing, the accounting…

We also provide low cost solutions for the required peripherals like barcode scanners, printers, scales, cashboxes integrated with your POS.

IP Telephony

We provide VOIP business telephone system to manage your company telephony.

We can manage multiple phone numbers and the routing to your phones. We setup the required network and the PBX configuration for internal calls.

Answering machine, call filtering, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with multiple choices…

Fixed VOIP phones or WIFI equipped mobile phones.

Integration with Odoo CRM or helpdesk business application. Get the name of your caller id displayed instead of the number. Or automatically show your calling party data form in your Odoo ERP when you answer a call.

Solution Design

We also build custom IT solutions to answer specific requirements.

We deal with the specificity of your company and your existing IT systems to provide appropriate design of the solution and its integration in your company.